Edo Paintings: Centuries of Japanese Art

A geisha holding a parasol Kaburagi Kiyokata (1878-1972), 1920s-30s, painting in ink and colours on silk, 45.7 x 50.9 cm, Edo Paintings

This exhibition of kakemono (hanging scroll), or kakejiku, is the first in Italy to focus exclusively on this art form, presenting 125 hanging scrolls, alongside painted fans and decorated lacquerwares from The Perino Collection. It explores the story of Japanese… Continue reading

Momoyama Period in Japan

Sketch for Toyotimi Hideyoshi

Asian Art Newspaper looks at the culture of the Azuchi-Momoyama period and Sengoku period, when a taste for lavish gold screens of the Kano School appeared alongside the refinement of The Tea Ceremony The Azuchi-Momoyama (1573-1603) period refers to the… Continue reading