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Next Month

In September 2024

In September, The Rijksmuseum Is presenting 75 masterpieces showcasing the beauty of 4,000 years of Asian bronze art – from statues of gods to objects for ritual and everyday use, and looks at the qualities of bronze itself, as well as the ingenious methods used to cast and work it in different parts of Asia. Borrowed Landscapes from China and Japan explores the influences of East Asia on the art of ornament and decoration in the interiors and gardens of historic houses in the UK. Staying with gardens, we look at literati gardens in China, during the Ming and Qing periods.

Elsewhere in the issue, we look at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s new presentation of their Korean Galleries, and Unblemished Colours, and explore Wonders of Science, and Innovation in the Islamic Word, plus the world of ragamala, pictures for all the senses.

As always, there will be a round-up of June auctions, previews of exhibitions for the autumn, gallery shows, plus Islamic Arts Diary.

We do not publish in July or August. Our next issue is September 2024