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Next Month

In Next Month โ€“ November 2022

November issue, once again, there is a focus on Japanese art in all its forms โ€“ the sculptural forms of bamboo baskets, netsuke, the ceramics of Shoji Hamada and the lacquerware of Shibata Zeshin.

In Japanese prints, we look the depiction of animals, as well as how underdogs and anitheroes are portrayed from Japanese folklore. Japanese contemporary artists include the photographers Lieko Shiga and Rinko Kawauchi the latest exhibition of Yayoi Kusamaโ€™s work in Hong Kong, and Yuken Teruya in London.

Other features include Shigaraki ware ceramics, the use of beni (safflower) in Japanese (cosmetics, textiles, and fashion, the history and art of master woodworking in Hida, Gifu Prefecture and changing the trends of kimono fashions.

Elsewhere in the issue, we look at Chinese contemporary ink art, auction news, gallery shows, exhibition reviews and Islamic Arts Diary.