The Oriental Ceramics Society: 100 Years

George Eumorfopoulos (1863-193a), first president of the OCS

The centenary exhibition, Collectors, Curators, Connoisseurs: A Century of the Oriental Ceramic Society, celebrates the story of the Society, of many of its founder and key early members and the central role it has played in making the UK the… Continue reading

Gold of the Great Steppe

One of the burial mounds, kurgan, built by Saka culture people in eastern Kazakhstan where a horde of golden artefacts were discovered by archaeologists. Photograph: Megalara Garuda/PA

Although little is known of the lives of the nomadic tribes who over 2,500 years ago roamed the Asian steppe situated in today’s Kazakhstan, the region’s semi-arid climate has provided the perfect temperature and humidity in the ground’s permafrost for… Continue reading

Traditional Chinese Painting: Solitude

whiling-away-summer chinese painting

Social intercourse to change from a single individual to a group is universal. People come together for a multitude of reasons of creating a relationship, almost always of a mutually beneficial nature. There are end-purposes in almost all human endeavours,… Continue reading


Before-Mirror Japanese print by Ito Shinsui

The prints designed by Japanese artist Ito Shinsui (1898-1972) feature traditional subjects, bold colours, and realism that went beyond 19th-century norms, a combination that achieved remarkable commercial success. In his homeland his reputation rested upon his paintings (from his later… Continue reading