World Monuments Fund Announce Watch Sites. Profile: the Turkish artist Mehmet Ali-Uysal. The life and work of Kamoda Shoji in Minneapolis. Beasts of India and The Deep – tribal art in India. Ganjifa, playing cards of India. Textiles from Safavid Iran in Washington DC. From the Archives: Translucent World: Jade from the Palace Museum. Japanese Treasures from Royal Collections in London. Costumes and stories from Noh theatre in Venice. The Art of the Samurai in Cambridge, UK. The Legacy of Ceylon. Popular art in modern Korea. Ali Kazim in Oxford and Geoffrey Bawa in Colombo. Children of the Meiji period in Paris, Swapnaa Tamhane ‘s Indian textiles in Toroto. Dinh Q. Le in Paris and Indian contemporary art in Melbourne. Gallery shows and auctions. Islamic Arts Diary.