Nyoman Masriadi at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Nyoman Masriadi

A thought-provoking presentation of the Balinese artist’s new paintings which explore universal human flaws. Displayed alongside works from the artist’s recent back catalogue, these large canvases confuse traditional notions of the figurative with native iconography. The exhibition adeptly showcases Masriadi’s lyrical and narrative style of painting.

Since emerging in the late 1990s in the beginning of the post-Suharto era, Masriadi has earned acclaim for his large-scale narrative works. Regularly engaging with and shedding light on subtleties of the human condition, Mariadi’s canvases are the locus of indigenous and global cultures. This unique vernacular has allowed Masriadi to become a strong voice in contemporary Asian painting.

The frequently animated protagonists of Masriadi’s paintings dominate the gallery space. Some works include speech bubbles and lettering, whereas others rely solely on the strength of their characters to convey their message. Whether it be a critique of consumer culture or human greed, Masriadi’s message is always delivered with candour and clarity.

Nyoman Masriadi was born 1973, in Gianyar, Bali and received his training in art at the Institut
Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta. In 2013 along with Lee Ufan and Zeng Fanzhi, Masriadi accepted
the inaugural Asia Arts Award.

Until 18 June 2016, at Paul Kasmin Gallery, 293 Tenth Avenue, New York, USA



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