There is no JADA Group Show in 2019. JADA Gallery shows are listed below. For previews of The Art of Japan, BachmannEckenstein, Carole Davenport, Scholten Japanese Art, and Erik Thomsen Gallery, please see AWNY gallery shows.

Japanese Paintings, Prints, and Illustrated Books of the Floating World

Sebastian Izzard, 16 to 23 March

This year the gallery are showing a selection of ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints at their gallery during Asia Week. A stand-out in the exhibition is a figure of a beautiful youth (wakashu) on a plain ground painted by an unknown artist of the Kanbun era (mid-17th century). Such images evolved from genre screens and were the precursors to the beauty paintings of the ukiyo-e school. A rare painting of a courtesan by Keisai Eisen (1791-1848) exemplifies the bijinga genre with its focus on the sumptuous fashions of the Edo period. A selection of woodblock prints from the 18th and 19th centuries, including figure prints and landscapes, are also be on display. An unusual group of double-sided fan prints by Utagawa Toyokuni (1769-1825) entitled Fashionable Twelve Months (Imayo juni-kagetsu) – each double-print featuring a beauty representing a month of the year – and a rare print depicting beauties visiting a plant seller by Torii Kiyonaga (1752-1815) are featured as well. Also by Toyokuni is a rare six-sheet print depicting fashionable people viewing fireworks at Ryogoku Bridge in Edo. A selection of illustrated books rounds out the exhibition.

Sebastian Izzard Asian Art, 17 East 76th Street, 3/F, NYC, NY 10021, tel 212 794 1522, info@izzardasianart.com, sebastianizzard.com

Masterworks of Japanese Art

Leighton Longhi. By appointment only

Art of Jomon: Art and Poetry Gallery

Mika Gallery. By appointment only

Kokon Biannual Spring 2019

Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Art, 13 to 23 March

The core of the biannual shows at the gallery include Japanese paintings, screens, ceramics, tea ceremony objects, lacquer and Buddhist art.

Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts, 17 East 71st Street, 4/F, NYC, NY 10021, tel 212 744 5577, kokon@earthlink.net


BURST OF NATURE: Nihonga Paintings by Daisuke Nakano

Ippodo Gallery, 7 March to 6 April

The gallery are presenting a solo exhibition of Daisuke Nakano (b 1974, Kyoto), who is a Nihonga-trained painter whose passion for the natural world evolved into his signature style, celebrated as a thorough exploration of Japanese artistic motifs. Nakano’s works are immersive, celebratory pieces which revel in the magic of nature. He leaves no room for empty space, covering the surface with a unique combination of Nihonga (traditional Japanese painting) and whimsical self-expression. The result is wonderfully sensory, captivating the viewer in a mysterious dream world.

The artist completed his training in Nihon Hyogen Ha-Ten (Japanese expressionism), which led to his first exhibition at the tender age of nineteen. Through the decades, his expertise has allowed for experimentation: with the foundation of the more expected Japanese styles, he added his own surprises. His works come to life against the flat silver or gold screen of the byobu (folding screens). Because these screens were originally used to divide rooms, the flatness was necessitated by their positioning: in the traditional Japanese home, the viewer gazes at the screen from the low position of on the tatami mat, so reflections and depth would be a distraction beyond the flicker of natural light on the silver and gold.

As the tradition evolved, byobu grew increasingly decorative and monumental, often created by Japan’s greatest artists.

Ippodo Gallery,12 East 86th Street, suite 507, NYC NY 10028, tel 212 967 4899, mail@ippodogallery.com, ippodogallery.com

Salon Style Ukiyo-e

Ronin Gallery, 14 March to 28 April

In September 2019, the Ronin Gallery is moving to new premises at Bryant Park. However, before the new adventure begins, the gallery has organised a salon-style exhibition featuring works from across the Ronin collection. From Hiroshige’s Plum Garden at Kameido to the legendary heroes of Kuniyoshi and Yoshitoshi, prints are hung side-by-side, filling the walls with the vast imaginative spectrum of ukiyo-e one last time. These works are specially priced for this special event and many works will be available framed.

Ronin Gallery, 425 Madison Avenue, 3/F,  (SE corner 49th St), NYC, NY 10017, tel 212 688 0188, ronin@roningallery.com, roningallery.com

Beauty of Japanese Porcelain, Part II

Gallery Togeisha

This Tokyo gallery is continuing on from last year its offering for the JADA gallery shows a selection Japanese ceramics and works of art, including Nabeshima, Kakiemon, Ko-Kutani, Ko-Imari, and other Oriental Works of Art.

Gallery Togeisha, at The Mark Hotel, 25 East 77th Street, NYC, NY 10075, tel 212 744 4300, contact@gallery-togeisha.com, gallery-togeisha.com


Legendary Japanese Artworks

Orientations Gallery and Oriental Treasure Box, 16 to 23 March

This year’s exhibition celebrates the 8th collaborative, vetted exhibition created by the two galleries. Showing high-quality works of art by accomplished and recognised artists in the fields of cloisonné enamels, metalwork, ceramics, art lacquer, painting, basketry, carving, and textiles have always been the aim of both galleries and highlights of this year’s show are works by Imperial Court Artists and Living National. Legendary Japanese Artworks refers both to these master artists and the splendid techniques displayed in their creations.  As well, the themes and forms of the artworks reflect inspiring legends and symbolism of folklore, history, and the religious traditions of Shinto and Buddhism.

An illustrative lecture by Hollis Goodall, Curator of Japanese Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, complements the exhibition on Monday, 18 March at 3pm.

Orientations Gallery and Oriental Treasure Box, exhibiting at the Nippon Gallery,  the Nippon Club, 145 West 57th Street, 7/F, NYC, NY 10019, tel 212 772 7705, orientationsgallery.com and orientaltreasurebox.com. A lecture by Hollis Goodall, Curator of Japanese Art at LACMA is on Monday, 19 March at 4pm.