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Picture Paradise: The First Century of Asia-Pacific Photography 1840s -1940s Read more >
Flowers for Kim Il Sung: Art and Architecture from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Read more >
Northern Song Ru Ware Read more >
The Dragon’s Gift: The Sacred Arts of Bhutan Read more >
Masterpieces of Ukiyo-e Read more >
Todaiji Temple and Monuments of Tempyo Culture Read more >
Strolling Through Isfahan: Seventeenth Century Paintings from Safavid Iran Read more >
Vishnu: Hinduism’s Blue-skinned Savior Read more >
The Lost Buddhas: Chinese Buddhist Sculpture from Qingzhou Read more >
Angkor Revisited: Thoughts on Ruins ... Read more >

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Pinaree Sanpitak
FROM HER STUDIO in central Bangkok contemporary artist Pinaree Sanpitak could hear the demonstrators on the streets just days before incumbent Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s government was...
SALT and Yang Fudong
HELGA-MARIE NORDBY and Erland Mogard-Larsen first conceived the idea of SALT in 2010, while curating the Lofoten International Art Festival. Nomadic SALT was inspired by the Arctic Circle, and it will...
VS Gaitonde: Painting as Process
THE LONG-ANTICIPATED Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde (1924-2001) retrospective opened at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum on 24 October. Between both public and private collections, a total of 45 paintings and ...
We Can Make Another Future: Japanese Art After 1989
CHRONICILING THE art of the Heisei era, which commenced in 1989 with the ascension of Emperor Akihito, this exhibition features major works by artists including Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, Yasumas...
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