Before-Mirror Japanese print by Ito Shinsui

The prints designed by Japanese artist Ito Shinsui (1898-1972) feature traditional subjects, bold colours, and realism that went beyond 19th-century norms, a combination that achieved remarkable commercial success. In his homeland his reputation rested upon his paintings (from his later… Continue reading



In commemoration of the 55th anniversary of Singapore-Japan Diplomatic Relations, the Asian Civilisations Museum has organised a joint exhibition of Edo-period prints and Singaporean photographer Russel Wong’s series that focuses on life in Kyoto. Two Exhibitions Reflecting Japanese Life –… Continue reading

Japanese Modernism and The Jazz Age

Early Spring (Shensun): Manners of Showa Women (Showa bijiin fuzoka), 1931, by Ito Shinsui, colour woodblock, 35.4 x 23.3 cm. Lillian Ernestine Lobb Bequest

Japanese writer Junichiro Tanizaki (1886-1965) chronicled the rise of modernity and sexual freedoms among young people in Japan during the interwar years. His first major literary success, after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 that devastated both Tokyo and Yokohama… Continue reading

Hokusai, Hiroshige, Hasui: Japanese Prints

Zojo-ji Temple in Shiba (Shiba Zojoji) (1925) by Kawase Hasui, series: Twenty Views of Tokyo (Tokyo nijukei) (Taisho 14 nen)

Divided into four sections, the exhibition features a selection of over 100 woodblock prints providing a tour of Japan’s most evocative places, both real and imaginary, while documenting the art and culture of a country that has experienced a profound… Continue reading


Arts of Japan: Head of a Guardian, Japan, Kamakura period, 13th century. Hinoki cypress wood with lacquer on cloth, pigment, rock crystal, metal, 22 56 x 26 x 35.4 cm, Brooklyn Museum, gift of Mr and Mrs Alastair B Martin, the Guennol Collection. All Photos: Brooklyn Museum

Asian Art Newspaper takes a look at the newly opened Arts of Japan gallery at Brooklyn Museum, New York, which features kimono, noh masks, teaware, Japanese prints, lacquerware, Shinto sculpture, and much more. Following a multiyear renovation and the reopening… Continue reading


Americans Drawn from Life (Sho utsushi Amerikajin), 1861, Utagawa Yoshikazu. Gift of Emily Crane Chadbourne

The Idea of America in 19th-century Japanese prints is explored in this exhibition from the Art Institute of Chicago. The selection of Yokohama prints featured in this exhibition emerged from the specific historical events initiated when a fleet commandeered by US… Continue reading

Japanese Prints and Paintings: The World of Edo

KUNIYOSHI Characters from the play Matsutaka temari fujitsuroku, 1855, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, woodblock print.

THIS EXHIBITION IS in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Japanese Art Society of America, formerly the Ukiyo-e Society of America. Like the Asia Society, the Japan Society, the Korea Society and the Rubin Museum of Art, JASA’s existence… Continue reading