Kandyan Art: Legacy of Ceylon

An exhibition that explores 1,000 years of the island nation of Sri Lanka’s history is currently on show in Arizona. Sri Lanka is located off the southeastern coast of India in the Bay of Bengal and has a deep history… Continue reading


Kandyan Temple Entertainers One of the objects from The Jeweled Isle at LACMA, Los Angeles, was a painted tile depicting Kandyan temple entertainers. The exhibition was loosely organised around three chronological sections that examine the major capitals of Sri Lankan… Continue reading

Art from Sri Lanka: The Jeweled Isle

Buddha Shakyamuni, Kandy period 18th century, gilt copper alloy with partial black coating, 41.91 x 36.2 x 21.13 cm, purchased with funds provided by Murray and Virginia Ward Β© Museum Associates/LACMA

This major comprehensive survey of art from Sri Lanka, showing over 250 works, addresses nearly two thousand years of the island’s history. The image of a bejewelled isle, first invoked in Greco-Roman accounts of Sri Lanka’s precious gems, inspired numerous… Continue reading