June 2021

Chinese Vase with ‘peach bloom’ glaze


This elegant Chinese vase with ‘peach bloom’ glaze comes from the exhibition held at the Baur Museum in Geneva from 27 September 2018 to 3 February 2019. A Millenium of Monochromes from the Great Tang to the High Qing features objects from the Baur and Zhuyuetang Collections.

The exhibition brought together 200 outstanding ceramic works for the first time in Europe. The jewels of the collection of the Swiss businessman Alfred Baur – imperial porcelain wares that he acquired between 1928 and 1951 in close cooperation with the Japanese art dealer Tomita Kumasaku – were displayed with the exceptional collection from the Zhuyuetang (The Hall of Bamboo and Moon), a collection formed in Hong Kong from the end of the 1980s by Richard Kan.