Chinese Works of Art

Alongside Chinese works of art, Zacke are offering works related to Buddhism and Hinduism from South and Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas. The sale comprises approximately 317 lots. On offer from the Chinese section are porcelains and ceramics, jade and hardstone, enamel, glass, silver, lacquer and organic material objects, as well as snuffbottles, censers and vases. There are also sections devoted to other works of art, including thankgas, paintings and textiles, as well as sculpture.

Highlights include a Chinese embroidered thangka from the Yongle period (1402-1424), of avolokitesvara Lokesvara seated in padmasana in front of a two-tiered mandorla, with two depictions of Buddha Sakyamuni each side. A Ming-dynasty wood and gesso maudgalyayana (Mulian in Chinese), carved from a single piece of wood, depicting one of Buddhaโ€™s closest disciples. And a large vajrasana gilt-bronze Buddha from Tibet, 15th century, in the posture of meditation.

11 May, Chinese Works of Art, Zacke, Vienna,, The catalogue can be downloaded from the website –