February 2021

Korean Embroidered Wedding Fan

Korean Embroidered Wedding Fan This Korean fan was featured in the exhibition Gold Needles: Embroidery Arts from Korea at the Cleveland Museum of Art in 2020. Co-organised with the Seoul Museum of Craft Art, the exhibition celebrated anonymous women artists and their… Continue reading


Kandyan Temple Entertainers One of the objects from The Jeweled Isle at LACMA, Los Angeles, was a painted tile depicting Kandyan temple entertainers. The exhibition was loosely organised around three chronological sections that examine the major capitals of Sri Lankan… Continue reading

December 2020

Kinnara, Thai Mythical Bird-Man In 2009, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco organised Emerald Cities: Arts of Siam and Burma, 1775-1959. The exhibition of decorative and religious objects explored the arts of Thailand and Burma’s and their shared aesthetic… Continue reading