Chinese Calligraphy: André Kneib

In conversation with Asian Art Newspaper, calligrapher André Kneib recounts his extraordinary journey which began long before it was easy, or fashionable, to travel to China and discusses calligraphy. Even today, as globalisation has brought the art world closer together… Continue reading

Tantric Art

Asian Art Newspaper discovers the history of Tantra and Tantric art, which is closely linked to Buddhism, learning about its role as a philosophy and its global impact through the centuries. The radical philosophy that transformed the religious, cultural and… Continue reading

Women in Late Imperial Chinese Painting

Women of all social statuses in imperial China were mostly confined or led restricted, highly circumscribed lives. Their worth was often contingent on their beauty and appearance, and their ability to participate in different social environments was usually regulated by… Continue reading

Asian Nomadic Jewellery: Kipper Collection

Asian Art Newspaper takes a look at tribal South Asian jewellery from the Barbara and David Kipper collection, a promised gift to the Art Institute of Chicago, including Asian nomadic jewellery from Afghanistan and India The wide range of vegetal,… Continue reading