Venice and the Islamic World

portrait sultan

In 1494, the Milanese priest Pietro Casola recorded his awestruck reaction to the wealth of merchandise in the Venetian marketplace: β€˜Who could count the many shops so well furnished that they also seem to be warehouses, with so many cloths… Continue reading

Korean Embroidery


Korean Embroidery This exhibition, Golden Needles, Embroidery Arts from Korea, celebrates anonymous women artists and their inventive creations that triumphed over the conventions of the patriarchal Joseon society. Using examples of embroidery and patchwork, this exhibition explores Korean embroidered works… Continue reading

Zhang Peili

Zhang Peili skull

There was a moment of high drama at the conclusion of my interview last November in Shanghai with internationally renowned Chinese video artist Zhang Peili. Suddenly, he realised he had lost his ID card, a critical piece of personal documentation… Continue reading