Contemporary Artist Lu Yang


Michael Young talks to the multi-media Chinese contemporary artist Lu Yang in Shanghai, about animé, films, and neuroscience Contemporary artist Lu Yang is a 38 year old multi-media artist based in Shanghai, who is known mostly for her startling video… Continue reading

The World of Khubilai Khan


Asian Art Newspaper’s ‘From the Archives’ looks back at exhibitions that deserve a second chance to be discovered and enjoyed. In our December 2020 issue, we explore the World of Khubilai Khan in Yuan-dynasty China After the ground-breaking book by… Continue reading

Tomb Sculptures in China: Seeking Immortality


The Phoenix Museum of Art is currently showing a collection of ancient artefacts and funerary sculptures to explore the understanding of burial practices in Asia – Seeking Immortality Since 1949 in China, scientifically controlled archaeological investigations have resulted in the… Continue reading

Museum of Art and Photography


The city of Bengaluru in Southern India has a new private museum, the Museum of Art and Photography. Asian Art Newspaper looks at its mission and collections before its virtual opening this December. The new Museum of Art and Photography… Continue reading