Sheki in Azerbaijan

Detail of the Qajar-style wall paintings in the upper room at the Winter Palace

Asian Art Newspaper explores the Silk Road town of Sheki, in Azerbaijan’s Greater Caucasus Azerbaijan is not on the well-worn tourist path, but things are beginning to change and it is becoming one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in… Continue reading

Buddhism: A Global Exploration

Manuscript fragment, part of a rare Yogavacara meditation manual found in the Theravada tradition, 18th century © British Library Board

The British Library in London opened a major exhibition to explore the roots, art, and enduring popularity of one of the worlds, great religions – Buddhism. The exhibition comprises artefacts from 20 countries from over 2,000 years – more than… Continue reading

Hokusai, Hiroshige, Hasui: Japanese Prints

Zojo-ji Temple in Shiba (Shiba Zojoji) (1925) by Kawase Hasui, series: Twenty Views of Tokyo (Tokyo nijukei) (Taisho 14 nen)

Divided into four sections, the exhibition features a selection of over 100 woodblock prints providing a tour of Japan’s most evocative places, both real and imaginary, while documenting the art and culture of a country that has experienced a profound… Continue reading

Asian Shipwrecks: The Hoi-An Hoard

Blue-and-white jar, approximately 1450–1500, Northern Vietnam; Chu Dau, stoneware with cobalt decoration under glaze, gift of David and Mary Bromwell © Asian Art Museum

The usual reaction to the mention of Western shipwrecks is that one most commonly thinks of Spanish 16th- and 17th-century treasure galleons that originated in the Spanish colonies in the New World and were sunk by hurricanes along the middle of… Continue reading