About Us


Launched in 1997, the newspaper keeps true to its original goal of offering a snapshot of what’s happening in the world of Asian and Islamic art. Our world is truly international – East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian and Himalayan arts. Each issue has coverage of the most important exhibitions, events, and auctions from Sydney to Shanghai to New York and London.


News is important to us, as are the people who make the news. Each month there is an interview with an artist or expert. We cover all the major international exhibitions, auctions, fairs and events to keep you up to date. Other sections include the performing arts, film and literature to link the past with the future. Plus there is a dedicated page for the Islamic world: Islamic Arts Diary.


Each year we produce special guides in the newspaper that cover the main Asia weeks Β – New York, London, Hong Kong, Paris and Brussels that helps you discover where to go and what to see. We also have our eye on emerging markets and attend fairs around the world in the USA, Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and the UK. In November issue we focus on the arts of Japan. And in December, we produce our annual book reviews of the year.


There is a wide range of features that cover a wide range of topics from exhibitions to books. We review major exhibitions around the world and take care to include the smaller but no less important ones – just in case you want to visit or get the catalogue. Auctions, and fairs are found at the back of the issue along with an international listings page.


June and December are our quarterly issues where we fill the newspaper with profiles and interviews to let you read what’s happening in the Asian Art world. We speak to artists, curators, collectors, gallery owners, dealers, authors and conservationists. The quarterlies is also when we publish our travel sections to explore the best of Asia and the Islamic World countries.


Our website updates monthly and offers you articles from the current issue. We also have the archives, back issues, subscriptions and single issues online


We are active on social media – so find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The digital edition of the paper grows in popularity each year and it has exactly the same content as the print issue. You can download as a pdf for your archives, or print. Subscribers can access their digital back issues from the archive. Purchase as an annual subscription or alongside the print edition. More information is available in the digital store.


A year of reading the ASIAN ART NEWSPAPER gives you withΒ a different editorial focus every month. There are 8 issues a year: March, April, May are monthlies then comes our larger June/Summer Quarter. After the summer comes September, October, November issues as monthlies and to finish the year our December/Winter Quarter larger issue takes you into the new year.

To keep up to date and to see what we are covering each month, look at the In Next Month section of the website.

Sarah Callaghan,Β Editor/Publisher