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Save money when you subscribe to the leading newspaper for Asian and Islamic Art. Single issues are also available, print or digital, and we have a great selection of apps. Digital books - Asian Contemporary Voices - is coming soon!

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  • Asian Art Newspaper will keep you a snapshot each month on what is happening 
    in the Asian and Islamic art worlds
  • NIBS – News in Brief keeps you-up-to-date each month
  • Profiles of established and up-and-coming artists
  • Previews of the blockbuster exhibitions in the major institutions around the world          
  • Each year we produce in-depth guides to Asian Art in London in November and
    our well-established guide to Asia Week in New York that includes a map of the galleries taking part,    
    as well as information on events, the fair and auctions
  • Comprehensive museum listings from around the world each month


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