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In Next Month’s Issue … May 2018

May sees an interview with Maya Lin, architect and artist. On a constant quest to raise awareness for us to see the environment from a different angle, Maya Lin (b. 1959, USA) has set up a memorial to the planet ( and sees in her undertakings an effort complementing all other initiatives coming from the governmental side or from the non-profit sector. We look at the art of the Qajar, portraits from Iran, from the exhibition The Prince and the Shah: Royal Portraits from Qajar Iran at Freer Sackler Galleries Washington DC.  And we explore two textile exhibitions - The Splendour of Chinese Textiles, at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio and Dramatic Threads: Textiles of Asia at the Newark Museum, New York.

This month also see our guide to Asian Art in Brussels, which takes place in June.

Elsewhere in the issue, we have reviews of New York and Hong Kong spring auctions as well as a round-up of the latest exhibitions around the world in May.