MAY 2016

May 2016 Cover news: Provenance and Prices Converge at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong Profile: the artist and sculpture Huang Yong Ping in Paris. The art of dressing up in Asia – costumes in California. Dr Mimi Gates and the Dunhuang Project in Los Angeles. Global by Design, Chinese ceramics in New York. The ShanghArt Gallery celebrates 20 years in business in Shanghai. Our guide to Asian Art in Brussels, part of Cultures, in June. Arita porcelain in Amsterdam, Shun Ito in Birmingham, Daido Moriyama in Paris and Yong-Jae Lee’s ceramics in Vienna. Chinese artists in the Vuitton Collection on show in Paris and ikats in London. New York auction reviews. Auction reviews of Dubai and Hong Kong sales. Auction previews for Hong Kong and London. Listings. Islamic Arts Diary.
  • Showing Off: Identity & Display in Asian Costume

    Showing Off: Identity & Display in Asian Costume

    FASHION IS A form of language. What we wear broadcasts critical information about us, significant power-packed symbols. They serve as a visible sign of profession, ethnicity and status. An exhibition at Stanford University spotlights the visual symbols and meaning of… Continue Reading →Read More »
  • Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

    Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

    ShanghART Gallery, a long-time fixture of Shanghai’s Moganshan Lu designated art zone, is closing and relocating to a brand new, architect-designed 2,000m2building in the city’s rapidly expanding West Bund development, as part of the gallery’s 20th-anniversary celebration said owner Lorenz… Continue Reading →Read More »
  • Global Design: Chinese Ceramics from the Albuquerque Collection

    Global Design: Chinese Ceramics from the Albuquerque Collection

    GOLBALISATION IS  nothing new. It is approximately 2,300 years old and began with the Silk Road. By both overland and by sea, the Road and its network connected the world’s two empires, the Chinese and the Roman, and the several… Continue Reading →Read More »


    FOR THE FIRST time in 400 years, an ancient Japanese ceramic tradition has been adopted by contemporary designers – the Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings and Japanese designer Teruhiro Yanagihara have created a contemporary collection of Arita porcelain along… Continue Reading →Read More »